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ICI Morvan

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Cuisine, keuken, kitchen
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The old farm workers cottage has been transformed into a comfortable cottage (gîte) in the authentic French style while being of course completely equipped with modern amenities.

The cottage is ideally suitable for 2 people. However this can be increased to a maximum of 4, if the comfortable bedsettee is used, and further, the use of a cot is available.

Situated on the ground floor of the La Charité the cottage offers aliving area with a

seperate kitchen. In the living room there is a dining area and bedsettee where the traditional real wood hearth can be enjoyed. In the fully equipped kitchen you will find an

oven, four and fridge. The bedroom consists of a double bed. Further the bathroom, with shower and toilet are situated next to the bedroom. In front of the cottage you will find a patio area with an excellent view.

Chambre, slaapkamer, sleeping room
Salle de bain, badkamer, bathroom
Jardin, tuin, garden
Vue de la maison loin

The cottage provides all bed linen, towels, kitchen towels and garden furniture.

We offer parking for cars, motorbikes and bicycles.

For your stay in the cottage you are welcome from 4 PM on the day of your arrival and we request that you vacate the cottage before 10 AM on the day of your departure. During the low season, after consultation, can here be waived.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our home!

Welcome to La Charité: our atmospheric (cosy) holiday paradise situated in the outstanding nature park of the “Morvan”. We offer a delightful place to relax and enjoy the fusion of French atmosphere and Dutch hospitality. Sample the French “joy of life” (savoir vivre) amid the delightful, peaceful and spacious countryside.

Enjoy all La Charité and its environment has to offer. Relax with an exciting book and drink by the crackling fire or visit “Lac des Settons” just a few minutes' drive away, where you can swim, sail of canoe to your heart’s content.

Enjoy the beautiful green countryside of Le Morvan where a wide variety of walks or cycle rides are ready to explore.

It speaks for itself, that the Burgundy region has everything possible to offer in terms of culture and culinary excellence: picturesque villages, roman towns and the famous wine region all at your doorstep. In addition there is always an authentic French restaurant in the vicinity where you can enjoy traditional local food.

The farmhouse, which is 200 years old, is situated in a large plot nearly 1 hectare and is close to the village of Moux-en-Morvan. The view over the surrounding countryside with its beautiful rolling hills and green pasture’s, is wild and imposing and in every changing season there is something to offer. A warm and charming atmosphere.


Whether you are joining us for a long holiday or just for the weekend or merely using us as an overnight pit stop on your journey, you will have arrived at the right address and can be assured of a warm welcome. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer your queries.



La Charité is situated in the Morvan, the nature park in the Burgundy region. Within walking distance of La Charité is the village of Moux-en-Morvan. The village offers a baker’s, a cheese shop, a grocer’s, a typical French village café and various cosy restaurants.

During your stay we will be happy to inform you of any local activities and we will be glad to arrange any trips if required. Below we list some of the typical activities in the area.

The regional nature park of the Morvan (Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan)

During your stay at La Charité you will be in the middle of the regional nature park of the Morvan, also known as the granite heart of the Burgundy. The Morvan (a Celtic word meaning: Mar = black and Vand = mountain) is a mountainous region of the Burgundy. The middle mountain is actually an extension of the Central Massive. Since 1970 the area has been granted National Park status. The Morvan is 70 by 50 kilometers and the highest mountain is Haut-Folin at 901 meters. The Mont Beuvray at 821 meters is also among the highest. This mountain is also the scene of the archaeological dig for the old Celtic town of Bibracte. In the Morvan there are various waterworks including reservoirs such as Lac des Settons and Lac de Pannesière. There are various rivers sources such as Yonne. There are no industrial areas so the air is fresh and exhilarating and in the evenings the skies are clear and cloudless and the view of the “Milky way“ is amazing.

In Saint-Brisson is the maison du parc: a unique place with museums, herb gardens and the local tourist office (office de tourisme).

For the sport lovers

The village Moux-en-Morvan is famous for its walks. The walks begin in the village or pass through: which means it is an ideal place for a hearty walk. In addition the West bank of the Lac des Settons form a part of the major long distance walk: the GR 13.

Mountain biking is also an option with a plethora of mountain bike routes available. For cyclists the hills offer sufficient challenges. And if you still aren’t tired the area offers opportunities to go water rafting or climbing in the Morvan.

In the neighborhood of La Charité you can enjoy beautiful rides with your horse through the hills and woods. Also there are many opportunities to fish in the local brooks, lakes and ponds. Relaxation enough.

Approximately 10 minutes’ drive from La Charité is the Lac des Settons: the best known of the many recreation lakes in the Morvan. A delightful place, where on warm summer days you can enjoy a refreshing swim. The many beaches and wooded banks offer an ideal place for families, and possibilities to canoe, sail and waterbike.

A taste of French culture: from imposing castles to street markets and flea markets

The Burgundy is a region with many historical towns, villages and imposing castles, which you can view. Some dating back to Roman times and many, just a stones throw from La Charité.

A visit of the local market – for cheese, honey, sausage, fruit and vegetables, all produce of the region – is definitely worthwhile. In addition there are many flea and antique markets which offer an wide range of things

you can’t do without: from unusual books to a lovely chair.

The history and old wealth is recognizable throughout the area. Be surprised by the beautiful town centers with

their small streets and the rich and regal buildings with their magnificent courtyards.

Towns such as Dijon, Beaune, Autun, Saulieu and Vézelay are more than worthy of a visit. The cosy streets,

the bustling terraces and the museums offer a perfect alternative to the quiet green hills of the countryside.

The journeys themselves are worth the effort!

Burgundian life =

wine and food

Wines from the Burgundy are world famous. The wine caves in the area are definitely worth a visit. The wine

routes surrounding Beaune are easily followed and in various castles or chateaus you can see for

yourself how the wines are produced. And enjoy the fruits of their labours with a wine tasting. And if the wines

increase your appetite there are many good restaurants in the area. The French talk all day about food and

understand better than most how to prepare it.